Interview from the mountains of the Berner Oberland, Switzerland PT 1

As many of you know, I love travel, culture, hiking and of course photography.  This past summer I returned to the beautiful Berner Oberland in the heart of Switzerland, home of the renowned Eigar, Jungfrau and Monch.  One of the bergs I hiked to and spent the night at was the very scenic Obersteinberg.  It was there that I met Vicki, a 57 year old American woman from Pennsylvania who is a cheese maker with her husband. The following is the first part of an interview accompanied by photos.  Enjoy!

1.  I believe you said you’d been into cheese making for 20 years.  What were your biggest influences for entering this unusual career, especially a half world away?

VICKI:     I’ve been ON THE ALP for 21 years. My husband makes the cheese; I only give it a salt-water bath every 3 days (for the first 3 months). I ended up here because I just had this sudden idea that I wanted to work with cows. I was always drawn to Switzerland and the mountains, even as a small child.


2.  Your days are long and full of physical labor.  What are your favorite parts and your least favorite parts?

VICKI:      I like really all the jobs, even cleaning the stall. What I don’t like is when my age and/or health problems get in the way of my work—or when there’s stress that too much has to happen in too little time. And I’m always worrying about the animals. I have this old lady sickness that they’re really my friends, and I just want them to have it nice. Which I of course don’t really understand so well at the same time, what’s “good” for a cow. 



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Mediterranean to the Alps ~ Photo presentation in Bend, OR ~ Oct. 14

Mediterranean to the Alps 

rainbow over Nice

Rainbow over Nice, France

   Tuesday October 14, 2014  

photo presentation from 7-8pm

The Wine Shop & Tasting Bar

55 NW Minnesota   

Hill above col du fromage1 copy

come early & enjoy a French or Italian wine ~ show 7-8 pm  

Co-sponsored by the Bend-Belluno international sister city organization 


21 and over

Bijoux marche

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Magical Italy in Bend, Oregon May 27, 2014

Join us for a magical photo-journey hour exploring Venice, the Dolomite Alps, Belluno & Slovenia! 

Tuesday May 27, 2014

show is from 7-8 @ The Wine Shop 55 NW Minnesota, Bend, Oregon

come early and enjoy a glass of Italian Wine!

Magical Italy 

Journey through mysterious Venice, the majestic Dolomite Alps, beautiful Belluno & Slovenia, a country of many faces on the Adriatic Sea. Feast your eyes & soul! Come early and grab a great glass of Italian vino!

  Presented by Hilloah Rohr, European Cultural & Hiking Guide and Photographer.  
Free to the public!  21 and over 
For more information: or email
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2015 Pre-Tour: Nice, Gorge du Verdon, Provence backroads exploration

Join us for an unforgettable adventure June 19-25, 2015 followed by the Parc du Queyras Wildflower Hiking Tour!

The journey begins exploring old town Nice where we base at a comfortable, authentic pension/bed & breakfast. Early morning walks up the coline above town offer the opportunity to wander the town cemetery and take in the breathtaking views of the deep blue Mediterranean below. The Matisse Museum,  walks along the malecon and explorations of all the wonderful nuances in-between make for a fun filled three days.

Venturing north as we wind through the backroads of Provence by shuttle, we arrive for lunch at the medieval town of Entreveaux where the old citadel awaits us.

The next three nights are spent at a scenic hotel over-looking the plunging river running through Moustiers-Saint-Marie, just west of the Gorge du Verdon.  The little chapel tucked into the high rocks over-looking the village inspires awe, the shoppers will love wandering the maze of stores throughout the village and then the highlight is exploring the Gorge du Verdon, known as one of Europe’s most stunning gorges which runs 25 kilometres long and up to 700 metros deep and boasts a deep turquoise color.  Next we drive north through scenic backroads to the Parc du Queyras where our 11 day hiking & cultural adventure begins!  Cost TBA.

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A big thank you to all our Balance Yoga Retreat Attendees in beautiful Riviera Nayarit, Mexico!

From attendee:

Thank you so much for your wisdom and practice during your retreat and my what a treat!!!!!!!!!!   It was FABULOUS and an honor to be with such a yogi sage. It is indelibly planted within me.  You will see me again.  Thank you also for all the resources you’ve shared.

What a fabulous group joined together this year for a magical week on our yoga deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We explored a wide variety of life enhancing tools including our base of support, alignment, intentions, our habit energy, stopping, mindful speaking/listening, breathing & meditation.  A big thank you to our wonderful hosts at the exotic Tailwind Jungle Lodge.  Watch for our retreat again next year in the first week of March!

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Mediterranean to the Alps ~ photo-journey in San Pancho

Mediterranean to the Alps 

a benefit for educational scholarships at EntreAmigos   

Friday February 7, 2014   

doors open at 4:30 ~ show 5-6 pm








From the beaches of Nice, France to the hiking trails and villages of Le Queyras, Parc Regional, France……to the Giant pale mountains of the Dolomite Alps and to magnificent Chamonix Valley nestled under the Grand Dame, Le Mont Blanc!  Join us for this hour of tales and travel and support the children’s educational scholarship fund at EntreAmigos.


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Happy Holidays & a Prosperous New Year full of Travel!

One of the favorite quotes of a friend of mine stems from Mark Twain:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful year of exploring new horizons physically, mentally and spiritually!  

Happy Holidays & New Year
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année
Happy Trails,
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Dolomite Alps Hiking Tour ~ July 1-11, 2014


July 1-11, 2014

  • stay in comfortable hotels and pensiones
  • private rooms – double occupancy
  • breakfast/dinner
  • transport during tour
  • visit a new vista daily
  • cultural sites along the way
  • Venice & Belluno extension tours available
  • can be designed to meet the difficulty needs of your group

The Dolomite Alps in Northern Italy differ from the rest of the Alps.  These limestone giants offer an array of landscapes from elegant spires to sheer walls to giant peaks.  The contrast of limestone with alpenrose, fields of wild flowers and evergreen forests makes one want to break out in a verse of “The Hills are Alive”!

Add incredible hospitality and scenic mountain hotels to the environment and it’s the best of all worlds.  Just imagine hiking all day in the midst of some of the best scenery anywhere in the world and coming back to a hot shower, view room, Italian cuisine & wines and a good nights sleep.  You’ll return home fit, rested and wanting to do it again!


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BALANCE YOGA Mindful Energy Balancing Day Retreats 2014

March 3-7, 2014 ~ 9-12:30 daily + optional afternoon activities


Looking for a getaway that provides your own quiet slice of paradise?  Join us at  Tailwind Jungle Lodge, Riviera Nayarit 

Daily:    $35 or 440 pesos
Three to Five days pre-paid:  $25/day or 320 pesos/day
Optional activities:  price varies (see below)
  • morning yoga session with notes & guided discussion & activites   9-11:45 am
  • lunch 11:45-12:30 pm
  • optional daily cultural tours ~ nutrition, orchid farm hike, sea kayaking *
  • *must sign up 3 days in advance – price is set by provider  1pm
  • beautiful private jungle & beach/quiet setting

Base of Support

Grounding asanas, mindful walking, bandhas, stillness in activity

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Lunch in San Pancho followed by mindful walking activity on beach – explore how your feet touch the earth! guided by Hilloah


Opening the energy

Asanas for Sacral balancing & opening, energy channels,

breath & mind, pranayama

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Nutrition for a conscious life with Tamara


Moving from a calm, strong center

Asanas for Core strength & balance, reacting/responding,

mindful interaction, bare attention

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Sayulita exploration day – lunch, shopping, walk out to special beach in the afternoon – guided by Hilloah


Opening the Spine

Asanas for spinal twists, integrating the pelvic region with the

neck/shoulder/head region

Intention & living one’s practice

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Jungle walk, orchid farm tour, beach & mud baths – guided by Hilloah


Shoulder/throat/head integration

Asanas for balancing & opening the shoulders, throat & head

Right speech, calming the mind, sound mantra

Quieting the mind through meditation

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Stand up paddle board with Tamara – bring your lunch and we will share around the pool!


Kayak Tour with Jungle Judy – meet 8am at Entre Amigos ready for a great morning of kayaking out of Los Ayalas followed by lunch on the beach

  • Daily yoga sessions in our spacious, fully equipped yoga palapa.
  • Re-balance chronically shortened areas, strengthen weakened areas.
  • Understand how to safely address and utilize yogic techniques.
  • Learn asana, pranayama + meditation.
  • Gain understanding of yoga as a life long practice.
  • Know how to grow in your individual yoga practice.
  • Safe for 50+


Tailwind Jungle Lodge:

In San Pancho:

Hotel Cielo Rojo:

Roberto’s Bungalows:


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Classes begin MAY 21

Tue & Thurs 9-10:30 am

Class limit is 5 ~ Please call to reserve your space

$10 per class
Classes are taught by Hilloah Rohr M.S. Exercise Physiology.  Hilloah has been involved in teaching fitness and wellness since 1970.  Yoga has been and continues to be a mainstay in her practice.   With Balance Yoga she incorporates the best of many yoga styles in ever-changing,  flowing  sequences,  with special emphasis on rebalancing shortened and weakened areas with isolated stretches and specific strengthening.  Her careful style with attention to detail brings a safe and efficient form of yoga infused with music and a mindful flow of movement and breath.
Open your being to the increased energy and clarity that balance can bring.
Come join us and enjoy a deepened practice that can create a lasting change in your life!


Enjoy specific, guided awareness to creating your own personalized practice as well as creating a safe practice in group settings.

Small group classes offered:


great for beginners and those who wish for a slower paced class

“Mixed Level Flow Class”

a kinesthetic flow of asana designed to open, balance and energize

How are we different?

  • small groups
  • great for bodies over 50
  • safe & efficient
  • designed to re-balance
  • personalized instruction
  • joyful flow to music
  • strengthen & open
  • breathe, calm, reflect
  • open your potential

Enjoy the meditative practice of a small group of supportive practitioners in a beautiful, quiet surrounding.  Be present in your own practice with careful, individualized guidance.

“Do your work without attachment and being balanced in success or failure.  Balance is called Yoga.”      Bhagavad-Gita


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