NEW! Provence from Nice to Briançon June 2019

J’adore Provence!

….and what is there not to LOVE?

For the first time we’re offering a six day tour beginning in sparkling, magical Nice on the Cote d’Azure.  After sipping Nice, we venture by vehicle up the backroads of Provence.  Coat of arms of EntrevauxOur first stop is in the 12th Century village of Entrevaux.  It has been a citadel, a bishops seat and a prospering town for over 1,ooo years.  

Our next stop:  Moustiers Saint Marie!  Voted one of the best small towns to visit by National Geographic Traveler.  This has been a favorite of mine for many years. We will stop and deeply inhale the lavender fields in full bloom upon leaving.

Ready for our first hiking adventure?  Let’s descend into the 6th biggest gorge in the world right behind the Grand Canyon: Le Gorge du Verdon.  Climbing with ladders and assists at times, we hike through tunnels and along the magical blue waters lined by the steep limestone cliffs.

Our next adventure is driving through Les Clues des Barles:

BriaCoat of arms of Briançonnçon sits strategically on the French border of Italy.  The walled Ville Vielle is a walled old town circled by a moat, complete with draw bridge, tiny cobbled streets and prospering stores and restaurants.  After dinner in the magical Old Town we wander to our hotel and prepare for our journey the following day into Parc du Queyras to hike and explore the next 11 days: June 21 – July 1.  Come join us!


Nice, Provence & Gorge du Verdon Tour  
June 16-21, 2019  

$550 double occupancy

(4 person minimum) 
  • Fly into beautiful Nice on the Cote d’Azur
  • Two nights lodging in Old Town Nice
  • Visit Matisse Museum, walking tour, market
  • Two nights in Moustiers St. Marie, Provence
  • Hike the exquisite Gorge du Verdon
  • ground transportation from Nice to Parc du Queyras via historic & scenic back roads
  • One night in Briancon, visit the medieval village
  • breakfasts included
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