Classes begin MAY 21

Tue & Thurs 9-10:30 am

Class limit is 5 ~ Please call to reserve your space

$10 per class
Classes are taught by Hilloah Rohr M.S. Exercise Physiology.  Hilloah has been involved in teaching fitness and wellness since 1970.  Yoga has been and continues to be a mainstay in her practice.   With Balance Yoga she incorporates the best of many yoga styles in ever-changing,  flowing  sequences,  with special emphasis on rebalancing shortened and weakened areas with isolated stretches and specific strengthening.  Her careful style with attention to detail brings a safe and efficient form of yoga infused with music and a mindful flow of movement and breath.
Open your being to the increased energy and clarity that balance can bring.
Come join us and enjoy a deepened practice that can create a lasting change in your life!


Enjoy specific, guided awareness to creating your own personalized practice as well as creating a safe practice in group settings.

Small group classes offered:


great for beginners and those who wish for a slower paced class

“Mixed Level Flow Class”

a kinesthetic flow of asana designed to open, balance and energize

How are we different?

  • small groups
  • great for bodies over 50
  • safe & efficient
  • designed to re-balance
  • personalized instruction
  • joyful flow to music
  • strengthen & open
  • breathe, calm, reflect
  • open your potential

Enjoy the meditative practice of a small group of supportive practitioners in a beautiful, quiet surrounding.  Be present in your own practice with careful, individualized guidance.

“Do your work without attachment and being balanced in success or failure.  Balance is called Yoga.”      Bhagavad-Gita


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