BALANCE YOGA Retreat Schedule

Mindful Energy Balancing Retreat @ Tailwinds Lodge

February 23-27, 2013

Full Retreat -$1,195

includes lodging, meals, airport pickup/drop off, full retreat and activities, workbook, one-on-one session, extra morning session on Feb. 28th

Local’s Retreat – by the day or week – ask for pricing

includes daily session, lunch, afternoon activity & notes for the day

Day 1: Base of Support

Grounding asanas, mindful walking, bandhas, stillness in activity * Foot care – massage * Beach activity

Day 2: Opening the energy

Asanas for Sacral balancing & opening, energy channels, breath & mind, pranayama * Kayak Tour

Day 3: Moving from a calm, strong center

Asanas for Core strength & balance, reacting/responding, mindful interaction, bare attention * Jungle walk, orchid farm tour, beach & mud baths

Day 4: Opening the Spine

Asanas for spinal twists, integrating the pelvic region with the neck/shoulder/head region * Intention & living one’s practice * Alta Vista Tour

Day 5: Shoulder/throat/head integration

Asanas for balancing & opening the shoulders, throat & head * Right speech, calming the mind, sound mantra * Quieting the mind through meditation Jungle activity  – 311 258 4138

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